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Peloton Web Design

We're Innovative

Our handcrafted websites are meticulously planned out and one of a kind. There is never an element on the page that is unnecessary. Whether you are dreaming for a clean and simplistic website, or an artistic and edgy website, we will work with you to capture the right look and feel for your business. We use cutting edge, up-to-date technologies that will keep your website looking advanced for years to come.

We're Experts

Here at Peloton Web Design, we are constantly refreshing ourselves on the latest web technologies. Offering a handful of select products, you can be guaranteed excellence and expertise.

We're Committed

We are committed to quality and service for every single project. We stand by each and every one of our projects with pride, guaranteeing top-shelf work from beginning to end. We will never say "no" due to an issue with our lack of knowledge - if for some reason there is a problem, we will look for ways to fix it.

Here at Peloton Web Design, we have an eight step process to ensure satisfaction and quality with the least amount of hassle


We will get in contact with each other to gather information, define project requirements, identify opportunities & goals, and identify audiences.


Ideas will be put to work to outline the website on a macro level. In this stage, all of the goals of the website will be considered with each other to find the approach that will lead to the best website.


Our designers will use the previous information to create multiple possible outlines. You will be presented with these outlines. At this time, we will explain our design ideas and how they connect to the project. If one of the designs still does not suit your likings, we will go back to the drawing board.


In this step, our developers will put the designs and outlines made in the previous step into code. At this time, the website will be able to be viewed from an internet browser.


There are many different devices that will access your webpage. Our job is to make sure your website is fully optimized for each and every device, ranging from a large monitor to a smartphone.


At this point, the website will be ready to be put online for the world to see. Before this will happen, we will showcase you our work for your chance at any changes to happen before the website is put online (changes can always be made later on).


The website will now be put online for the world to see by us and we will send you all the files.

Ongoing Support

Our job is never done! Websites always need tweaking and run into problems. If you ever have a problem, contact us and we will fix it for you (for a small fee unless you have one of our web hosting packages)!

Cutting-edge Tools

For Developing State-of-the-art Websites


  • PHP
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Content Managing Systems (CMS)


  • Web Design & Development
  • User Inferface Design
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • eCommerce